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Who are the HSPLO players using real time GTO software ... Re: Who are the HSPLO players using real time GTO software? ppl really should stop getting confused what a bot, what supportive software or what real GTO is. some fools still believe skier used a bot and not a very clever software. Simple GTO Trainer - Simple Poker - ГТО ... Real Time Feedback. Simple GTO Trainer will automatically provide real-time hand by hand feedback as you play. GTO Trainer also will track your ranges as you play out a session and will provide detailed range composition analysis for each practice session. Who are the HSPLO players using real time GTO software ... I have strong reason to believe that TILTMENOT, Snackcheck, Syous, ROFLET (its an anagram!!!) and I_MR_U_BEAN or whatever his name is all have, in some form or another, real-time GTO software. I know this is not what you were expecting, and each form of software varies from one form or another, but my sources are VERY reliable and VERY reputable. Poker software. Real time advisor PokerReader -

Even with a super computer to be able to compute that in real time just isn't realistic or even affordable within 2 years. 10 years maybe but 2 is very highly unlikely. ... and 100% software that offers real time GTO assistance for high stakes players. ... I started playing poker part time and I still do for entertainment, but I've realized ...

Applied GTO: Using Solvers to Optimize Your Exploitative Poker pro and coach Mike Gano discusses "game theory optimal" or "GTO" poker and how using "solvers" can help players understand how to apply GTO solutions. GTO Range Builder - Software with the Developer | Red Chip May 17, 2016 · The Genesis of GTO Software. Sutherland started playing online poker in college back in 2006, when NLHE cash games were starting to become all the range. He had several friends who made a killing playing online during this time. Pre-Black Friday, he worked his way up from small sit-and-gos to NL400 and NL600.

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Reviews and bonuses for the best New Zealand online poker sites. Online Bots and How to Solve it - Poker Software & Tools One of the biggest issues in the modern world of online poker is the existence of bots and people using programming knowledge to exploit any good software - Poker Software & Tools - CardsChat can you suggest me some good poker software which gives hands charts and strategies!thanks! Partypoker Adds MyGame Interactive Coaching Tool in Software

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GTO Poker Strategy vs. Exploitative play - which one is better? The best way is to use a mix of both – GTO strategy until you get some reads and then change your game to exploitative play and try to win as much as possible. Remember, you can be playing both strategies at the same time. You can be adopting GTO poker strategy vs. one player and an exploitative game vs. another opponent at the same table.